India  Battery 3/12 Association 50th Anniversary Landing in Vietnam 1965-2015
India   Battery 3/12  Association     50th Anniversary   Landing in Vietnam          1965-2015
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India Battery 3/12 Association

16789 Berryessa Ct

Chino Hills, CA 91709



Phone: 909 664-4852


Please keep us updated with address, email, phone number changes.  You can do this by typing your change information on the "Contact Us" page. We will receive it, post it on the web page and correct it on the Directory of Members.

Our Association

We are a group of 140 Marines who at one time served with India Battery 3rd Batalion 12th Marines both past and current. This Web Site is dedicated to the Marines of India Battery 3/12.  These are their stories, remembrances, and continuted camaraderie through the Web Site, "Fire Mission" newsletter and the reunions. Our reunions are held every two years. We rotate the reunion sites from East Coast, Mid America, West Coast.  Our next 2015 Super Reunion will be held in San Diego, CA to celebrate a milestone in the tradition of I Battery 3/12. The 50th Anniversay of the Battery's landing in Vietnam on April 14, 1965.

Want to Become a Member?

Are you interested in becoming a member, Please compete the information on the Membership  Application page. If you still have some questions? For more information, use our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!



Last Updated 5-30-17

President's Message

Your new President is Bruce MacDonald.  Bruce has assumed the temporary presidency due to the resignation of John Judziewicz.  Bruce's email address is   His phone number is 909 902 5038.


The 2017 Reunion will be held on August 16-20, 2017 in Lisle/Naperville, IL.  Registration deadline is July 24, 2017 for tours and meal counts.  For additional information contact Travis  Fryzowicz at 732 251-5518  or email at


BBQ with current Battery

So. California members were invited and helda BBQ with the current battery at Camp Pedleton.  SEE THE CURRENT BATTERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE FOE PICTURES AND INFORMATION

Joe Featherston Converts Carl Satterfield's 8mm to video

I just picked up the finished product of Carl's 8mm film from Vietnam in 1965. The beginning is a bit messed up because of aging and underexposure, and some out-of-focus. Considering everything, it is still worth watching.
I have two DVDs, the original film and access to this website which anyone can access from their location. Film has been dubbed with generic patriotic music so it's not just a silent film.
I will keep one DVD. The second one will go to Carl.
Hope this brings back some memories. (If you weren't there, there's a story behind most scenes, trust me.)
Logging into MemoryShare
- Go to
-Click Sign in
  - Your Username is:
  - Your password is: featherston1234 
(You may find this already activated needing only the tracking number)

Activating your Video(Activate My transfer)
On the back of the DVD case in the top right corner there is a barcode
- There are a series of letters and numbers under the barcode 
- Enter the letter and number as you see them under the barcode do not include dashes, and do not type the letter





No more writting out a check, addressing an envelope, finding a stamp, and finally taking a drive to the Post Office.  You can now pay for your Annual Dues, Registration deposit for the reunion or a I 3/12 label pin with a credit or debit card through the "Credit Card Payment Through PayPal" page of our website.  It is easy as 1-2-3 and the money is deposited to the Association bank account.     Click on the "Credit Card Payment Through PayPal" tab to the left to enter this page.



The pin is a 1 1/2" Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pin

1.2mm thick with gold metal plating

8mm post and rubber clutch attachment


The cost of the I 3/12 pin is $6.00

($3.00 cost of pin and $3.00 for shipping)


To order the pin:

1.  Use our PayPal page


2. Make your check out to I 3/12 Association 

  Send your check to:

John Dovale

917 Canonero Dr.

Naperville, IL 60540

This New I 3/12 Guidon Challenge Coin is now available

This new I 3/12 Guideon Challange Coin is now avalible.  The coin depicks the old FMF Guideon Flag on one side and the new USMC Guideon Flag on the other side.  The coin is rendered in Marine Corps red and gold.  It is a must have for all active or former I 3/12 Marines.  A big thank you to Joe Featherston for designing and making them avalible.  The cost of the coin is $15 which includes shipping. You can order 1 or more coins for yourself from Joe Featherston at:


Joe Featherston
223 Hamstead Place
Aiken, SC 29803-8052

Videos of India Btry 3/12 In Afghanistan and Iraq

Check out the videos's of Marines who served with the Battery in Afganistan & Iraq.

Go to Photos and videos of India Btry 3/12 Marines Through The Years

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