India  Battery 3/12 Association 50th Anniversary Landing in Vietnam 1965-2015
India   Battery 3/12  Association     50th Anniversary   Landing in Vietnam          1965-2015
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India Battery 3/12 Association

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Our Association

We are a group of 140 Marines who at one time served with India Battery 3rd Batalion 12th Marines both past and current. This Web Site is dedicated to the Marines of India Battery 3/12.  These are their stories, remembrances, and continuted camaraderie through the Web Site, "Fire Mission" newsletter and the reunions. Our reunions are held every two years. We rotate the reunion sites from East Coast, Mid America, West Coast.  Our next 2015 Super Reunion will be held in San Diego, CA to celebrate a milestone in the tradition of I Battery 3/12. The 50th Anniversay of the Battery's landing in Vietnam on April 14, 1965.

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Thank you for keeping us informed on India312 association activities. We are 
proud of our legacy and look forward to connecting as we have throughout the 
The battery has been very busy lately but we plan to start a newsletter when 
the dust settles from the BN and Regt FIREX at the beginning of March and 
April respectively. In the meantime if you want to keep up with current 
battery actions the Marines have recently started posting pictures to and more pictures can be searched 
on Instagram with the phrase: #india312 and IronMaiden312 
If there is any way we can support association activities do not hesitate to 
let us know! Connecting to our legacy strengthens the morale of the battery 
and we are eager to connect when the schedule allows. 
Semper Fidelis, 
Jake D. Owens 
Capt        USMC 
O: 760-763-4842 
C:  410-271-6908 
Commanding Officer, 
India Battery 3/12,  1st Bn, 11th Marines 
"On the conduct of each depends the fate of all" 


On Friday, March 4, 2016 four members of India Battery 3/12 Association enjoyed a barbecue with the current India battery 3/12 Marines at Camp Pendleton.  The members joining us where Bruce MacDonald, Ernie Cornwell, John Judziewicz and  William Castellanos   Comanding Officer Captain Owens invited us to share our Vietnam India Battery experiences with the current individual Marines.


As Prisident of the Assiciation I made a special presentation to Captain Owens. We presented the Captain with a box of MRE(meals that we ate out in the bush) that  Ernie Cornwell brought back from Vietnam.  Needless to say, we warned them not to open and eat the meals. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the presentation.


 The hotdogs and hamburgers were great. Captain Owens mentioned that he would like to have A similar activity like this every three  months as we have built an excellent relationship with the current India battery 3/12 Marines through the years.


Captain Owens also mentioned that one of the Battery's projects is supporting the Marine Corps Relief Association. He mentioned that if anyone of our members wanted to donate to the Marine Corps Relief Association through the Battery, he would provide us with the information so we can put it on our website.


Thank you Captain  Owens for allowing the Association to be part of your activities.


India Battery Change of Command Ceremony.from Captain Tinoco to Captain Owens holding colors,

India 3/12 training with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  


India Battery 3/12 Marines with Battalion Lanading Team 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 15 Marine Expeditionary Unit, prepare to receive fire missions during MEU exercise 14 aboard Camp Pendleton on Nov. 19, 2014. The purpose of MEUEX is to train the different elements of the 15th MEU to work together to complete a wide variety of missions

India, 3/12 Marine receives the Navy Cross

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