India  Battery 3/12 Association 50th Anniversary Landing in Vietnam 1965-2015
India   Battery 3/12  Association     50th Anniversary   Landing in Vietnam          1965-2015
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India Battery 3/12 Association

16789 Berryessa Ct

Chino Hills, CA 91709



Phone: 909 664-4852


Please keep us updated with address, email, phone number changes.  You can do this by typing your change information on the "Contact Us" page. We will receive it, post it on the web page and correct it on the Directory of Members.

Our Association

We are a group of 140 Marines who at one time served with India Battery 3rd Batalion 12th Marines both past and current. This Web Site is dedicated to the Marines of India Battery 3/12.  These are their stories, remembrances, and continuted camaraderie through the Web Site, "Fire Mission" newsletter and the reunions. Our reunions are held every two years. We rotate the reunion sites from East Coast, Mid America, West Coast.  Our next 2015 Super Reunion will be held in San Diego, CA to celebrate a milestone in the tradition of I Battery 3/12. The 50th Anniversay of the Battery's landing in Vietnam on April 14, 1965.

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Are you interested in becoming a member, Please compete the information on the Membership  Application page. If you still have some questions? For more information, use our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo Gallery

Check out these photos of our past events and reunions.  They will give you a look into the activities of India Battery 3/12 Association.


Also, photos of the Current India Battery 3/12 training in April with the new 120 mm mortar and the M777 Howitzer.

Deployment Training, April 2012

Photos of the current India Battery 3/12 training in April with the new 120 mm mortoar anf the M777 Howitzer.

Reactivation of the Association in 1987


With the lead of Michael Madden the Association was reactivated in 1987. The photo was taken in 1990 at the first meeting and reunion held in Nashville, TN as part of the 3rd Marine Div. Association national reunion.


Pictured: Front Row - Carl Geiger, Joe Featherston, Carl Satterfield, Mark Laarson, Grant Wilke, Joe Woodhouse, Gene Newbill, Bill Johnson, Michael Madden.  Top Row - Henry Napier, Wayne Stevens, Ray Hollier, Jim DeSanti, Don Harman, Paul Autry, Bill Baird, Ed Bartelt, Wayne McClellan, Stan Barkewicz.  Not Pictured: Greg Geis & Dan Morley

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